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Car Accident Injuries


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Car accident injuries need to be taken very seriously.

Symptoms from car accident injuries can take days, weeks or months to show up. Initially adrenaline makes it easy to be tricked into thinking that you are not hurt. Statistics show that impacts of only a few mph can tear soft tissues in the neck, spine and back causing a primary component of whiplash.

The vast majority of people don’t seek medical treatment following an auto accident because they don’t feel any pain.

Non-expensive property damage cost is not a very good indication of an occupant injuries. Whiplash tends to be the most common injury to the neck. This is caused by a sudden movement of the head, either forward, backward, or sideways, that causes the damage to the connecting ligaments, muscles and other supporting tissues in the neck, spine and upper back. Symptoms may include but are not limited to; experiencing anxiety from diving, vertigo, ears ringing, amnesia or lack of focus. Injuries also occur to the upper shoulders down to the mid and lower back.

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Sadly, by the time more serious issues come to the surface, some of the injuries from the crash may never go away.

Countless studies have proven that years after whiplash victims settle their insurance claims, about half of them express that they still experience symptoms from their accident. If you have been in a automobile accident or any other kind of accident, never assume that you are not injured just because you do not have any initial pain.

We have noticed too many individuals come in with existing symptoms that are a result of injuries received years (3, 7, 10+) before that went untreated simply because the victim has no immediate pain. Remember, medicine or physical therapist treatments do nothing to correct ligament injuries and dysfunctions of joints.

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