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At Ridge Chiropractic, we take satisfaction in being locally trusted chiropractors in the Davenport and Haines City Florida areas.

If you want to get down to the cause of your pain from your car accident injury, we will help you realize your healing goals with our quality chiropractic care.

We are a locally trusted car-accident chiropractic care provider in the Davenport & Haines City, Florida areas:

We take pride on being very thorough in the assessment of each individual we meet. We have multiple forms of evaluation available to ensure that we identify any structural shifts you may have experienced. You can rest assured that we will not take any shortcuts with your health.

CALL TODAY (863) 421-9700

We believe in our team for your health – From the first day you walk through our doors we consider you to be part of our family. Each of us has a passion for helping others and believes we were led here to do just that. Our adjustments are tailored to your individual condition. Because of our resource and advancements in technology, we are never left guessing about your chiropractic care.

We develop comprehensive chiropractic care procedures. We urge you to keep in mind that accomplishing peak health is a journey. When you turn to us, we will create a customized corrective chiropractic care plan for you that pinpoint your particular goals and give you the tools you need to complete them over time.

Ridge chiropractic care is not just here to treat your pain. Instead, we want to help you understand the root cause. We want to give you the blueprint to optimal chiropractic health and transition you back into your everyday life.

Contact Ridge Chiropractic today & learn more about the benefits associated with our process and patient-focused treatment options.

Routine chiropractic care will help achieve:
• Natural pain relief for joint pain
• Decreased muscle discomfort from extreme workouts
• Reduced recovery time
• Increased performance & flexibility
• Improved immune functionality
• Increased range of movement

It can also help with:
• Back Pain
• Neck Pain / "Text Neck"
• Headaches & Migraines
• Leg Pain / Sciatica
• Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain
• Shoulder, Arm, Elbow & Wrist Pain

CALL TODAY (863) 421-9700