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At Ridge Chiropractic we understand that muscle tension is the blame for a large majority of our patients painful conditions.

Muscle tension can be back pain, neck pain, migraines, jaw pain, or pain around the joints of the arms and legs, the list goes on.
There can be a multitude of medical conditions that cause pain and discomfort. We advise our patients that it’s important to be fully examined by a licensed physician. This will help rule out anything that could be more serious.

A large majority of cases that involve pain and discomfort are specific to primary muscles is the back. Over the years our experience has shown that massage therapy is one of the leading treatments for neck and back discomfort.

Ridge Chiropractic’s massage therapists are highly skilled & trained in medical massage therapy.

Our massage therapists receive months of chiropractic assistant training to help locate and treat each and every muscle in the body.
Ordinarily, deep tissue massage will be called upon to help the muscle to relax but sometimes a softer approach can work also. Through the our everyday lives and countless other factors such as bad posture, unbalanced muscles and traumatic accident injuries (just to name a few), certain muscles will become tight, throwing off the balance between other muscles causing others to become loose and weak.

These specific muscles are what we treat. By relieving the tension on specific muscles, pain relief is instant, allowing the rebuilding & healing of damaged tissues in the body to begin.

CALL TODAY (863) 421-9700